PlantsOnWalls Showroom Planting

Here's a close look at the planting for our showroom's facade (from left to right). This full sun exposure gave us the opportunity to try out a lot of things. (2 months growth)

Plants were chosen based on full sun and windy conditions. We based the planting on succulents and sedums but also tried other things. We planted many cuttings from a friend's local garden including rosettes, ice-plant and aloe. More things we tried include euphorbia, procrosma, geraniums, grasses, rosemary, thyme, native california plants including sage, wild strawberry, and a redwood tree that's intended to bonsai.

A variety of starts, cuttings and rooted plants were added to each root wrapper to allow for natural domination to create the design. A couple weeks after the installation we moved some things around and added sedums to an area. Root wrappers make it really easy.

We used full-pocket panels (12 F-12s) with one pocket trimmed off the top to fit between the windows. The galvanized living wall kit frames the panels to finish the edges, float the panels from the building, and collect the dripping in the bottom tray. Soaker hoses are threaded through the top of the pockets every 4 rows down and connected in the top tray where there is room to access tubing. The 1/4" line is connected to a hose connector inside the building and operated by a digital hose timer and connected to a water filter and food injector. Short cycles fairly often keep the moisture absorbing felt at optimum moist/dry cycles.

Swing by the PlantsOnWalls Showroom at 10th and Bryant in San Francisco SOMA and watch it grow.