A Tropical Reception

Nathan Brown of The Turf Jockeys in Eaton Rapids, Michigan used Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters to build a beautiful living wall for his clients reception area.

"Florafelt has changed the way we inspire spaces vertically.  Florafelt is extremely user friendly, adapts to almost every build out situations and most of all it's simple.  Everyone at Florafelt is very helpful and passionate about what they do and what we as designers are creating."

"The pocket style design allows for quick installation as well as replacement should one want to change out different plants."

Florafelt Root Wrapped plants are added to the pockets to quickly create a custom design.

Nathan also created an exciting and dynamic 264 plant wall install at Lakeside Fire and Grill.

Nathan Brown. The Turf Jockeys. Lakeside Fire and Grill. Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Florafelt Pocket System.

Nathan Brown. The Turf Jockeys. Lakeside Fire and Grill. Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Florafelt Pocket System.

Because water flows through the Florafelt supportive growing medium roots are just happier. Air also moves into the system which creates an ecosystem that plants can thrive in. This also means it's crucial to provide a gutter at the base of the wall to drain water away.


Nathan explains, "The Florafelt system is easy enough to use that my 11 and 14 year old could wrap plants and install them. Even my kids wanted to help! They kept singing that jingle, "Hot pocket", only it was "plant pocket"


Ian Nunez, a foreman at Turf Jockeys shows the ease and efficiency of the Florafelt system which lets his creativity soar.  He shows us how he uses wood spacers mounted to the wall to create an air gap that keeps the building's structure dry. Rigid plywood is added as a support structure. He then applies a layer of rubber pond liner that keeps water in the plant wall. Rubber flexes to waterproof around the deck screw attachments.

"The three walls we have installed this far are doing very well."

"The 5 sided wall at Lakeside Fire and Grill in Mason has 10 of the Nuvo metal halides shining on it.  The track lighting system was a real treat though!  The wall really looks awesome with the full spectrum grow lights on."

"We even began to switch out some plants in our first installation because they saw other plants installed in the other walls with different colors.  It was very easily to accommodate their request due to your pocket system.  The root wrappers are the way to go."

"Florafelt will definitely help to inspire people in Michigan. You can call me a Florafelt Fanatic!"

Nathan Brown The Turf Jockeys

Nathan Brown
The Turf Jockeys
Eaton Rapids, Michigan

"I really enjoy working with your product!  Great invention Chris!"


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