PlantsOnWalls Showroom

PlantsOnWalls just finished their new showroom displays. The planted walls use Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters framed in their Floraframe Living Wall Systems. The large living wall on the right was created with the plants that were moved from the year old living wall that was in the main room. They were arranged differently because they were originally planted using Root Wrappers. The roots only grow out a little bit on the back of the felt diaper. They can be pulled away and placed in new panels to create an entirely new arrangement. As the plants grow in you can learn better ways to arrange the foliage. This makes it easier to explore and learn more about vertical gardening without having a degree in botany.

PlantsOnWalls Vertical Garden Systems. Floraframe Living Wall Kit 128" x 51" at PlantsOnWalls Showroom.
Tropical vertical garden living wall kit at PlantsOnWalls Showroom in San Francisco.
Neon pothos, bird-nest ferns, philodendrons and other tropical grace a PlantsOnWalls Living Wall Kit at their San Francisco Showroom.
PlantsOnWalls Showroom, 1190 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, Tel: (415) 658-5498.