Controlling Pests Naturally

Neem Oil Concentrate

Neem Oil Extract is also a great way to control common pests naturally. Also a good way to prevent fungus from forming on the felt surface. You can buy in a ready-to-use spray or concentrate. Use it in a spray bottle with water or use a pressure sprayer for larger walls. It will make the floor sticky so be sure to first cover surfaces with a paper you can throw away or use towels or a large tarp you can wash. Neem oil is completely non-toxic and labeled organic for gardening.

Neem Oil Extract

Garden Safe brand Neem Oil Extract is a great product to have for all your pest needs. Unlike regular neem oil this concentrate does not have that awful smell. And it works as a great leaf glosser for your big leafed tropicals. However be careful with lighter foliage such as maidenhair ferns that can’t take it. Always test small areas of plants first before treating and entire area.