Display Lighting for Vertical Gardens

Pothos Vertical Garden for Go Raw by Amanda Goldberg Planted Design.

Pothos Vertical Garden for Go Raw by Amanda Goldberg Planted Design.

Trade show display lights make an easy vertical garden lighting solution. We've located a trade-show display fixture that has a 16-inch arm that supports a can light that accepts a standard PAR-38 type light bulb. This gives you options for Halogen, Compact Fluorescent, Metal Halide or LED. It has easy-to-replace bulbs and it's tradeshow rated safe. It's the perfect lighting solution for our Florafelt Recirc Systems.

Display Lighting Resources

Light Craft SL-504

Tradeshow display lights are a easy and attractive and they have many attachment options. This fixture uses a PAR-38 type flood bulb which gives you options for various lighting types.


And many other types shown here.


Display Light Mounting Bracket B2023

Discreet and simple mounting bracket for display lighting. Can be installed on the back of Florafelt Recirc Units for an elegant above lighting solution.

Mounting options.


Metal Halide PAR-38 with Self Contained Ballast

This metal halide bulb will fit nicely in the fixture above and give you efficient full spectrum light. Metal halides require a ballast which is inside this bulb. Not to be confused with other metal halide bulbs (with the same base) that are much cheaper that do not have a ballast inside and require a special fixture.